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The Best Wrinkle Cream or Anti-Wrinkle Scams?

Fake Anti-Aging PictureIf you’re like me you’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on creams and serums that are at best a good moisturizer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought the best wrinkle cream on planet Earth…great moisturizer at best. These slick marketers seemed to do it to me over and over and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Why? Because I wanted to look my best and I wanted to hang on to every last piece of my youth. How many times have you seen someone get passed up for a job opportunity and you knew down deep inside it was because of their age? We live in a world where our livelihoods sometimes depend on us looking our best. Like it or not, that’s the world we live in.

Right now I want you to sit back, relax and read every word on this page because what I’m about to teach you is going to keep this from happening to you ever again! On this page I’m going to expose the scams, then by the time you’re done reading you are going to be armed the knowledge to stop this thievery for good.

Editor’s Note: After reading this page and learning all the different scams to watch out for, I want you to take the next step and learn how to choose the best antiaging cream or serum. This is a very important step that will teach you how to look at the ingredients on any antiaging product and immediately know if it will work or not. Click Here for Step 2

Scam Number 1 – Photo Retouched Before and After Pics

Anti-Wrinkle DreamlandIf you’ve spent any time on the Internet, you’ve probably seen this over a million times. The before picture looks like 110-year-old lady that you just pulled out of a bag of prunes and the after picture looks like she’s a beautiful 20 to 30-year-old woman. Currently, there is no wrinkle cream available that can reverse your age this far. However, we are right around the corner from having the technology to do it, and some experts say there are people on earth today who will live over 1000 years.

Scam Number 2 – Trick Photography

Faked Before And AfterSurely there are more tricks to photography than I know about, but there are a few really slick things they do to photographs that can suck the wrinkles right off someone’s face. Using light to make wrinkles disappear is probably the smoothest trick they have. To do this, they simply put a light above the person shining down on them, and every wrinkle they have stand out like a sore thumb…Thus giving you a perfect before picture. The after picture just has an additional light facing the person and a lower one that shines up on the subject. This lighting effect will totally erase all but the deepest Grand Canyon style wrinkles.

The second way they trick you is to use filters on the actual camera. Combine this with a little lighting magic and you have yourself an amazing after picture. Using these steps can produce the most dramatic and convincing before and after pictures and you can still have a product that is totally worthless.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that they have the person squint on the before picture and opened their eyes normally for the after picture. Some of this could be unintentional, but it’s very likely to be on purpose.

Scam Number 3 – Free Trials Tied to Forced Continuity

This is the part where almost all wrinkle cream complaints come from. First, I want to explain what forced continuity…This is where you get a free trial or membership to something and all you have to pay is shipping and handling. However, if you don’t cancel within so many days you get billed for the first month and every month after that until you cancel.

Now this technique is not necessarily shady as long as they tell you this up front. I buy things on and sign up for AutoShip to save 15% all the time. But, I know I’ve signed up for it and I’m expecting my credit card to be used to make these purchases every month. Also, one of the top anti-wrinkle creams I promote successfully uses this method to make it easier on themselves and customers. When I order from them. I let it run for 3 to 6 months and store the leftover product in the fridge and cancel for a few months.

The problem comes in where shady businesses will take a good business model like this and sell you a moisturizer and put you on a forced continuity plan without your consent. They will come on an infomercial and tell you they have some secret ingredients that will reverse your age 50 years and convince you to take their so-called free trial that has this AutoShip/forced continuity plan built in. So, if you order from the 800 number, they put on the screen, you will end up paying through the nose, if you don’t cancel within so many days. Not only that, but finding out the customer service number to cancel is nearly impossible.

Scam Number 4 – Over Use of Words like “Clinical Study” or “Clinical Trial”

When any company claims they have clinical studies or clinical trials to back up their claims, you have to look at who paid for the studies. Real studies are usually going to come from some university, but you have to ask yourself who paid for this research?

This information is easy to find out by doing a search for the ingredient name. Chances are, if it’s real, there will be a Wikipedia page on it. At the bottom of their pages, they always list citations for where they got the information. These citations are key in finding out if the claims are real. Believe me, we’ve done tons of research about ingredients that way.

Scam Number 5 – Rare Ingredients That No One Else Has

Every scammer always has some ingredient that nobody else has. This is usually complete bull, because if it’s commercially available, it has been produced on a massive scale. How can it be rare if you have so much of it you can sell it to the whole world? That’s when they start talking about the independent studies, clinical trials and clinical studies. Complete line of bull and nothing else!

Scam Number 6 – Using Tiny Amounts of Active Ingredients

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to spend money on a wrinkle serum or cream, I want the maximum amount of each ingredient the law allows. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous companies tend to use the smallest amount possible just to say it has it in there.

Another reason companies do this is because the stronger the ingredients, the more likely people are to have a reaction on their skin. In reality, they are just trying to help themselves to more profits under the guise of protecting your skin.

Scam Number 7 – Fake Stories

fake anti-wrinkle picI know you’ve seen the fake news sites that feature a story about a single mom who lost 20 pounds in a week using a combination of some herbal extract and a colon cleanse. Before the FTC stepped in and shut these down, I must have seen a thousand different versions of the same story. It’s funny how the person was always located in my town or a town near me.

These same people took the same fake story approach and made millions selling garbage wrinkle creams. This time it was a grandmother who turned supermodel overnight with the help of a free trial of two different types of antiaging cream.

Next Step – Pick a Winner without Getting Scammed

Now that you understand many of the trips, traps and scams that are out there waiting for you, I need to teach you how to choose the best wrinkle cream. I’m going to show you how to read the label on any anti-aging product and instantly know whether it will work for you or not. You are one step away from being bulletproof to the anti-wrinkle scammers forever. Click the Step Two button below to learn how to pick a winner every time!

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